No limits to creation

Re-thinking audio-visual production with a firm commitment to infinite creativity and a European perspective, that’s Atelier8 in a nutshell.
We work between Paris and Munich since 2017 to produce outstanding video-content for television, the internet, and brand campaigns.
Our company vision is to put the budget at the service of creation.
We believe that a successful film is a product made to inspire, to open new horizons, and to transmit emotion. That’s why we like to question the first idea that comes to mind and don’t settle for the obvious. Instead, we aim for tailor-made solutions.

Christophe Trarieux - founder and art director

Christophe is the creative powerhouse of Atelier 8. With 25 years of experience as director of photography in documentary and commercial productions, he is known for his clarity of vision, high standards, and dedication to create not just beauty, but a form that expresses the message perfectly.

Anna Schwarz - Founder and editorialist

Anna is the intellectual of the bunch. After working as a director for television documentaries and as a strategist for commercial campaigns, she decided to create Atelier 8 in order to conceive projects holistically, overcoming the traditional boundary between management and creative team.

Gaelle Fichet - Head of production

Gaelle is a funding wizard. She knows how to calculate and implement a watertight budget, and where to find additional ressources, thanks to 20 years of experience working for prestigious production companies such as « Eclectic ». International Co-productions are her speciality.

Nicolas Jallot - Director

Nicolas directs historic documentaries, and knows the political landscape of the 20th century inside out. Internationally renown films like « The last secret of Yalta » and « Afghanistan: The Tomb of the USSR » speak of his passion for challenging research and refined editorial approaches.

Laurence Thiriat - Director

Laurence, a former anchorwoman, loves culture, and works mostly for ARTE. Her filmography includes « Zola, seen by Cézanne », « The Societal Engagements of Picasso » and « Chagall at the Paris Opera ».

Estelle König - Author

Estelle writes very clever comedy as well as family drama without kitsch for public television. Walking the fine edge between humor and human insight is her signature feature. She is also the brilliant mind behind many offbeat commercial campaigns.

Raynald Merienne - Director

Elisabeth Scherrer - Director